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Robert Cambrinus

Robert Stokvis

In 2002 I graduated from East 15 Acting School, now Essex University, where I attended the Media Course. My first job was an acting role in a BBC production. Soon afterwards I started to develop my own film projects. I have been making short films since 2005 screening them internationally at film festivals. In my short films I explore aspects of subjective cinema, the destruction of  illusion and the receptive process.


In 2014/15 I held a scholarship at the HFF Munich (DrehbuchWerkstatt at the Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen) where I developed a conventional feature film script.


An interview about my short films on Okto TV from 2018 is still available online (in German).


In August 2021 my experimental feature-length film Familienaufstellung received its premiere at Nowe Horyzonty in Wroclaw, Poland.

I was born 1965 in Vienna to a Dutch father and a German-Polish mother. I spent my early childhood in Italy and completed academic studies in Vienna (Doctorate, University of Economics), Rotterdam (Diploma in European Studies, Erasmus University) and Cambridge (Master of Science/MBA, MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Sloan School of Management).


In the 1990s I worked as a business consultant in Berlin and was part of the effort to privatize the former East German economy. From there I joined the Board of Directors of a mining company and later became an industrial entrepreneur producing insulating refractory bricks in Saxony (Germany).


I moved to London in 2001 and set up Concept Films to produce films that challenge traditional filmmaking. In 2011 I moved to Austria where I continue to develop new film projects.



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Robert Cambrinus

In the cinema (pdf)


In this article I develop some ideas about the integrity of the film viewing experience and the nature of the receptive process.


Published in OnCurating.org, Issue 23: The Future of Short Film. Available as print magazine from Amazon.de or Amazon.co.uk

Sonic Interstices (pdf)


In this article film scholar Laura Rascaroli discusses aspects of my work in connection with essayistic voiceovers.


Online version

Media Fields Journal (University of California, Santa Barbara) 09/2011

Sonic Interstices

In the cinema