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What we see and what we don't...


A mother celebrates her daughter's fourth birthday and a VHS tape for the grandmother is being made.

The assembled footage gradually reveals — and hides — details of their lives.

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Writer/Director — Robert Cambrinus



Mother — Katy Vans

Vicky — Mariam Sanodze



Cameraman — Jun Keung Cheung

Sound Recordist — Dave Sohanpal

Offline Editor — Nathan Cubitt

Sound Designer — Markus Moll

Online Editor — John Holloway

Music Editor — Nicholas Singer

Additional Music — Jamie Robertson

Stills — Ewa Kuta, Marek Borysiewicz

Producer — Robert Stokvis

Cast & Crew

Diagonale (Graz, Austria) — Premiere

Festival of Nations (Ebensee, Austria) — Silver Bear

VIS Vienna Independent Shorts (Austria)

Österreichische Filmgalerie (Krems, Austria)

Cool Connections (Moscow, Russia)

Golden Knight Film Festival (Valetta, Malta)

Okto TV/Oktoskop (Vienna, Austria)

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Neubaugasse 45/13

A-1070 Vienna, Austria

Tel: +43 (0)1 526 09 90-0

e-mail: [email protected]


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Genre: Drama/Mockumentary

Production: UK/AUT 2011

Running Time: 15 min

Language: English

Shooting Format: S-VHS, miniDV, mobile phone

Original Aspect Ratio: 4:3

Sound Mix: Stereo LTRT