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A Muslim woman walks in the street.

She wears a full hijab concealing her eyes.

Where does she look?



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Cast & Crew

I made a new version of this micro short for a showing in a public space:

Burka (UK/AUT 2016)

Film Notes

Super Shorts Film Festival (London, UK) — Premiere

One Minute Film & Video Festival (Aarau, Switzerland)

Film Festivals

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Genre: Micro short

Production: UK 2006

Running Time: 1 min

Language: English

Shooting Format: Super 16mm

Original Aspect Ratio: 15:9

Sound Mix: Stereo

Writer/Director — Robert Cambrinus



Woman — Kat Waters



Cameraman — Nicolas Schröder

Focus Puller — David Alexander

Clapper Loader — Celine Wald

Grip — Adam Razvi

Sound Recordist — Ayesha Khan

Set Dresser — Juana Buendia Serrat   

Production Manager — Joe Jabbar

Editor — Nicolas Schröder

Composer — Jamie Robertson

Stills — Joe Jabbar

Producer — Robert Stokvis